Matthew McAllister


For those of you who had left messages in my old guestbook, I have archived them here. All the messages people have left over the past few years can still be viewed.

A great feature of this new site is that everyone can feel free to post comments about specific blogs. You can comment on an article about a festival trip, a technique article, concert or cd review or any blog I post. 

Oct 10, 8:52am, Li Wei. 
Hello, I’m the student who practising guitar in Heriot-Watt.
Thanks for your direction after the concert.

Sep 18, 7:25pm, Helen Beaton. 
Already a fan of ‘Merula’, when is the Colinsburgh album available to order online? Go Matthew!! Love, H. xxx

Sep 12, 1:29am, onur. 
hiii„baba naber_? i baba senden.. : )how are you matthew _? I onur ordu guitar festival…i’m in istanbul,because i’m live in istanbul…my family in schooll is not universty is starting..and guitar play next…very very sorry i’m very veryyyyy : ) some speak english… goood bye nice to met you….

Jul 31, 9:24pm, göksel. 
my scottish friend matthew, ıt was so nice to see you in my town. ı frequently listen your album and like so much. ı hope to see you in Ordu again.. take care. ı wish you will have bigger sucesses in your life..
baba naber! all rigt!
goksel your funny guide in ordu!

Jul 25, 7:32pm, Anon. 
Was looking at the classic FM website and found this link, and thought, oh, i remember you from school – Waid.
So proud that you have done so well and hope that all continues to go well.
What would Mr McLeod say if he saw you now!!!

Jul 19, 11:44pm, suat y.y. 
congratulations! this is a well done web site and gallery is my favorite will be nice for me to visit my scottish friend looking his news and photos in his website…ı hope to see you up on the stage forever…
best wishes

Jun 09, 6:03pm Sean Bates.
I’m writing to you with Margaret Gallacher whom I am sure you are familiar with. My connections to you is your father gave me a DVD of Peter and the Wolf and I am at The Royal Ballet School so that was really special for me. Really beauitful music on the site and keep up the fantastic work. Margaret says hello and she’ll probably see you soon.

Jun 08, 5:09pm, A.Torres 
Hi Matthew, I’ll be so honored to receive your messages and invitations. I hope some day you’ll visit USA… maybe you’ll try one of my guitars.

Mar 13, 1:34pm, Win Yin.
Hello Matthew, really a good site and quite impressive. I got this through delcamp forum.
See u around. Bye.


Mar 10, 6:44pm, June Myles.
Hey Matthew
Thought id’s just send you a message to say that everyone at leonard cheshire in rosyth really enjoyed yours and feargus’s performance today 10/03/2006 especially myself. We were hoping to have you both back someday but will leave it upto my manager to make arrangements. Keep up the good work. would definately come to see you in concert.

Feb 09, 8:26pm, Dave Mazzetti.
Hi Matthew – love the site and love the CD ‘Merula’. It was a pleasure to have a lesson with you and I’m looking forward to our next one!

Jan 01, 10:43pm, Tom Riley. 
Great site and love the sound. Good luck bro.

Dec 06, 6:01pm, kaye. 
imna go see you peforming live tomorrow! woohoo! can’t wait

Nov 18, 8:27am, Pete Rabjohns. 
Hi Matthew
Great Site. Moved on a bit from your days serenading the lasses at the Colinsburgh bus stop with Joe Pass rip-offs, eh?
Seriously, though, devastating technique, great feel, great tone…and movie-star good looks – how can you fail?
Stick in son, the gaffer likes ye.

Nov 07, 11:44am, Matthew McAllister. 
My name is matthew mcallister too!!!

Nov 03, 9:43pm, Carol lakoff. 
This is a beautiful website, but what is most beautiful is the music on it. I’m really impressed.

Nov 02, 4:51pm, hav. 
hey Matt – just visiting from delcamp – neat – so I’m off to snarf around!!

Aug 01, 10:09pm, Kenneth Geddes. 
Excellent recital at Crail Festival 27/7/05.
Best wishes for the future.

Jun 12, 10:42pm, Terry Franks. 
Hi Matt. Thanks for your support at the Opening Festival Concert. Your spot was great, as always. You have created quite a stir. Your main concert is awaited with great excitement!Good work to build on for future events!

Jun 01, 2:54pm, mark robinett.
i love the douglas whate piece as well as all the others. the website is really nice. major labels/artists should take notice.

Apr 06, 9:44pm, Patrick. 
Alright Matt its Pat!
Superb site and good clips, Sunburst, always enjoyed it when you played that.
get in touch mate have sent you an email.
Looks like you are starting to become a little famous here, but sorry, when your gallery photos become posters in HMV, I cant garuantee i will by one!!
Good Luck man, wish you all the best, remember our jam sessions?

Mar 16, 1:03am, WhiteFedora. 
I saw your post at the forum and came to check out your site. Very cool and professional looking. Will you be adding some ‘tunes’ as in playable clips?
Best of everything…
Ruffian in a WhiteFedora

Mar 04, 8:37pm, Donna. 
hey Matt, wow the site looks great! Look forward to the next gig you always sound fab live.

Feb 26, 7:18pm, Janey. 
Wow you look so suave on this web-site! Elegant but with a slight edge-like your playing style. Can’t believe you have a CD-will be sure to buy it when I get back from the Alps.
Take care,

Feb 24, 7:15pm, pierre. 
Hi, I’m French and I love your website, you must have done an hard work to create it and I want to say you that your site is wonderful, thanks for your excellent work and good luck for your next creation ;o)

Feb 20, 1:37am, Alex. 
Sounds wicked matt, will be on the look out for the album. Sound clips sound fantastic. best of luck with future releases. Web site is great and particularly enjoyed the gallery! xxxxxxxxxxxx

Feb 08, 10:29pm, martin. 
You’re website looks very good, it was a pleasure to be on you’re. Keep on the good work :-)

Feb 07, 11:23pm, Sílvia Sobral – Portugal.
Altamente! Que belas fotografias… Adorei ver-te outra vez!! Beijos grandes. Sílvia.

Feb 01, 3:54pm, ilf. 
Congratulation Matthew with your new site,it has the qualities I enjoy the most in music , a sparse but effective design.
The music reflects the same thougts.
I wish you a long and good career.

Jan 26, 7:35pm, Fraser Stark. 
Hi, Mr.McAllister,
The website is looking good and the music is perfection. Good luck with the album, I’ll be getting one.

Jan 23, 12:09am, Andrew. 
Friend of lesley, that i’ll be me! How the devil are you? Nice site, well done man!! Have to catch up for a drink soon. A

Jan 20, 2:52pm, Benjamin Johnston. 
just checking it out

Dec 19, 5:34pm, William Murray. 
First time i have managed to look at the site correctly, really impressed
best of luck

Dec 11, 9:11pm, Una. 
Hi Matt, Website looks fantastic. Lots of luck for all future concerts and promos! I’m sure you’ll be very successful.

Dec 10, 10:22pm, Alexander Hunt (8). 
Thanks for being a great teacher at Glasgow Academy. Music clips are great. I’ll try to play fantasic music like you.

Dec 02, 2:27pm, Tony Belford. 
Sorry I missed your gig in Dundee last Friday – couldn’t escape from something I had earlier committed to! Both the gig and the album had rave reviews and I must get my grubby paws on the CD asap.

Nov 29, 3:43am, Su Xu. 
Hi,I’m know your name from the Magel forum.So cool and Nice website!Also happy to see music friends here.Really nice!

Nov 17, 1:47pm. Danny McAllister. 
Hi Matthew
Great site. Sorry I cant make the launch but look forward to the album.
See you soon

Nov 08, 4:54pm, Ewen Mitch. 
wuzup Matt. RAD site

Nov 06, 8:17am, Tony. 
pictures are classic! I’m at work else I’d hear the clips as well. You can tell I’m working hard…
It was great catching up with you and Feargus last week, decent gig.
see you soon,

Oct 30, 12:06am, Strat Man Dwight Listmayer. Congratulations Matthew on your work which is paying off. Wish you all the success in the World. From Canada – check out Toronto someday. Strat Man Dwight

Oct 28, 8:56pm, Paul & Val. 
Great site, sound clips are great but short need to hear the CD asap!
Who’s the funny guy in the gallery?

Oct 26, 12:45pm, Sober Mike. 
Hey man, all these people love your music, that’s really cool. I should get your autograph or something next time we meet.

Oct 24, 9:33pm, Alexander. 
Hey, I like your website, i just came
from and i looked at your site, and i liked it! ;)
(forum name) chester
P.S. Please check out my website! :)

Oct 23, 3:10pm, Andi. 
Matthew, it was with great pleasure that I viewed your website and listened to your music. I love flamenco and classical guitar and find your style and music to be both tasteful and soothing.
Good luck in the future!

Oct 23, 11:00am, Mike Harwood. 
Matthew, I love the website and your guitar work is excellent, good luck with the album.

Oct 21, 4:04pm, Robert Carlton. 
Hi Matthew,
From listening to your sound samples, you play with great tone and expression. Can’t wait to hear the real thing! Canada awaits you.

Oct 21, 10:42am, Lesley. 
Well done Matt, the site looks great. Very imperssed…and very proud.

Oct 20, 5:05pm, – Tim Clynes(FSM). 
Very beautiful playing, uncluttered, great tone, inspirational,( and aspirational)

Oct 20, 4:36pm, dbx. 
Congratulations on the new site. I find your playing to be inspiring. Reminiscent of some of the greats. Play on.

Oct 16, 5:25pm, dunc. 
strum strummy strum strum strummy strum strum strum strum.

Oct 15, 5:11pm, Roivas. 
Nice talking with you on!
Let me know when you get to New York!

Oct 11, 7:41pm, Corlyss Drinkard. 
Nice site, Matthew. I like your choice of fotos.

Oct 11, 5:12pm, Matt. 
awesome site. Loved the clips from your new album. Look forward to seeing one of your concerts when im back in the UK!
All the best!

Oct 10, 9:33pm, lockdown (aka Chris). 
Great site and all the best in all you do in music, in everything and in life!

Oct 07, 8:35pm, Ken Batchelor. 
enjoyed the clips from your Merula CD – but I have a complaint – I wanted to listen to MORE, so when is your CD on sale?

Oct 07, 6:02pm, Andy Taylor. 
ai, looking real good.Sound clips r tip top, sound looks well profesional and easy to use. nice one. i got ur e-mail 2, cheers.
c u later andy.

Oct 07, 1:21pm, Charley Brighton. 
Hi Matthew,
Glad your trip down South was enjoyable ! The audience at St. Mary’s really enjoyed the recital, it was guitar playing at its finest and you were the talk of the town (Slough!) for days.
Best wishes,

Oct 05, 10:12pm, Ais. 
Dear Matthew,
I suspect you may well be the finest young musician Scotland has ever seen. I am proud to have washed your dishes xxxx.

Sep 30, 1:51am, James. 
Good stuff! We’re thoroughly enjoying your clips at the forums. Pop on over and say hello now and then in the forums Matt!

Sep 25, 10:52pm, Giacomo Fiore. 
great work! The website is stylish yet understated, the clips display great understanding of the music, good tone, heartfelt interpretation. Yay to you from a fellow European (although living abroad)

Sep 25, 1:27pm, Hannah Mackenzie. 
Ha Ha, your gallery is amusing!

Sep 25, 1:34am, Charles W – T Consaul. 
Just dropped in to see your site. Saw your request on Delcamp and it was definately a pleasure to comply. I will be sure to steer my students this way. I am always looking for good examples to point them to. I appreciate you asking us over.

Sep 24, 11:27am, Steven Flanagan. 
Hey Matt,
Website looking all swish, nice to see that someone has already pointed out your “sensitivity”.
Have you thought of a career as a male model?

Sep 23, 11:03pm, Jamie Flanagan. 
Hi Matt,
Like the site, looks very swish. The clips are sounding sweet.
Can’t wait for my free copy of the album :)

Sep 23, 2:42am, Anon. 

not bad, wld thought that the right hand fingers need a little more work on reducing the string noise, as in when u pluck, there’s an audible tweak. otherwise, it’ll be near to perfection. =)

Sep 22, 5:17am, Lee Garcia. 
Congratulations on your well-designed website. The Gallery contains beautiful photography. I especially loved listening to your lute pieces on the guitar. You display a sensitivity that is a special gift. I wish you the best in what promises to be a long and successful career!