Matthew McAllister


Matthew’s latest solo album Bach & Brouwer has been recently released on Natural Studio Records.

“This recording is a pairing of two works by composers whose styles would appear at first glance to be in sharp contrast. Despite two centuries separating their composition, Johann Sebastian Bach’s Suite No.1 ( BWV 1007) and Leo Brouwer’s Suite No.2 share distinct similarities.” Matthew McAllister

Watch a short film documenting the making of Bach & Brouwer. The film contains behind the scenes recording footage on location in the Cathedral of the Isles and an interview about the recording process and the concept behind the album.

“I hope you are inspired to add this recording to your collection. I wanted to offer a different style of recording to audiences and a recording which contrasts the majority of releases. Bach & Brouwer is an album which forms a larger musical and expressive gesture which I hope encourages the listener to delve deeper into the music.” Matthew McAllister